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Historian's Study Helps National Park Service Commemorate Reconstruction Era

Portrait photo of UC Davis historian Gregory Downs with handbook on Reconstruction era that he co-edited

Aug. 25, 2016 — As the National Park Service celebrates its 100th anniversary this summer, UC Davis Professor Gregory Downs has focused on an oft-forgotten part of U.S. history that our national parks are now helping the public to understand — the Reconstruction era. 

Anthropologist Sums Up Latest Research on Human Spread Around the Planet

Sandy Harcourt gives a keynote address on early human migration

Aug. 18, 2016 — Our species, Homo sapiens, left Africa earlier than previously thought and our diverse cultures have been heavily influenced by geography, according to a recent review by Alexander (Sandy) Harcourt, professor emeritus of anthropology.

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Seven Ways Students Will Change the World

Undergraduates will be putting their educations to work alleviating poverty around the world this summer, many of them before they even graduate. Seven students from a wide array of majors in the UC Davis College of Letters and Science — in the social sciences, humanities and mathematics — have been selected as Blum Center Summer Fellows for 2016.