Major and Minor Advising

Over 110 majors and minors in the College of Letters and Science!

Major Advisors

  • Are your first contact for changing or adding a new major
  • Approve/Deny your major requirements when you file to graduate
  • Assist student with academic plans (choose courses for future quarters)
  • Are a resource for opportunities that are unique to their department
  • Also advise on minors offered through their department
  • Additional advising services in the MPS Advising & Retention Resource Office are available for students in the following departments: Chemistry, Earth & Planetary Sciences, Mathematics, Physics, and Statistics

Declare a Major, Change a Major, or Add a Multiple Major

The soonest that you can change your major is after you have completed your first quarter at UC Davis. Multiple Major requests should also submit an Academic Plan. All petitions must adhere to the policies outlined in the Change of Major instructions found in the OASIS Forms & Petitions tab. 

Step 1.  Meet with the major advisor of the program that you want to declare, switch to, or add. They will advise you on any requriements that must be satisfied before a change of major can be approved.

Step 2.  Submit your change of major request online using OASIS: Change of Major / Multiple Major.

Declare a Minor

A Minor Declaration should be submitted within your final year, once you have completed, or at least enrolled in, all courses requried for the minor.

Step 1.  Meet with the advisor of the program that you want to declare for specific requirements for your minor.

Step 2.  Submit your minor declaration online using OASIS: Minor Declaration.

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