Mandatory Advising

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Mandatory Advising Information for New First-Year Students

New transfer students: contact your major advising office for information about your mandatory advising requirement.

Interacting with an academic advisor early in your university career can enhance your college success. Our objective is to help you achieve your personal and academic goals, and mandatory advising is one of the ways the College wants to help ensure that you get a strong start at UC Davis. Comprehensive advising in Letters and Science is shared between Undergraduate Education and Advising in the Office of the Dean and the major advisors. We are excited to meet with you and are here to help you get the most out of your undergraduate experience and prepare for a successful career.

Why Should I Come to Mandatory Advising?

Your academic advisor is one of your best all-around resources on campus with connections to – and knowledge about – many of the programs and people that can help you achieve success. Mandatory advising is an opportunity for your advisor to meet you, learn about your personal and academic goals, and help you chart a path to success.

Who Is Required to Participate in Mandatory Advising?

We consider advising to be so important to your success that we have made it mandatory for all students in the College.

How Do I Satisfy My Mandatory Advising Requirement?

  1. Complete the required online Pre-Mandatory Advising Module.
  2. Schedule an appointment to meet with an advisor. 

An advising hold was placed on your record for the Fall term to remind you to see your academic advisor. You can see it on your OASIS homepage. The hold will only be removed after you have completed the Pre-Mandatory Advising Module and attended an in-person Mandatory Advising appointment during your assigned window.

What Should I Do to Prepare for Mandatory Advising?

Academic advising is an on-going process built on a partnership between you and your advisor.  There are several things to do ahead of time to maximize the benefit of your mandatory appointment.

How Do I Make an Appointment for Mandatory Advising?

You will schedule your appointment online at

What if I am Planning to Change My Major Out of Letters and Science – Should I Still Come to Mandatory Advising?

Yes. Until you officially change your major, you are considered a Letters and Science student; therefore you are required to attend mandatory advising. Your current academic advisor can still help you with the logistics of changing your major and will be able to discuss with you any general topics and/or concerns pertaining to UC Davis.

What Happens if I Don't Satisfy the Advising Requirement?

If you have not seen your academic advisor by the appropriate deadline, you won’t be able to view or make any changes to your class schedule until you meet with your advisor and your hold is removed. This may negatively affect your ability to get some of the classes you need/want during the subsequent registration period. Plan ahead! Complete the Pre-Mandatory Advising Module and attend your mandatory advising appointment before the deadline. Do NOT wait until the deadline to get your hold lifted.