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Where should I go to submit a Petition to Late Drop a course?

Students in the College of Letters and Science who need to drop a course after the drop deadline may submit a Petition to Late Drop at Undergraduate Education & Advising/Letters & Science Dean's Office. These petitions will only be approved in extenuating circumstances.

What is a "Mandatory Advising Hold" and why do I have one?

Undeclared students in the Division of Mathematical and Physical Sciences have annual registration holds placed which require them to meet with an advisor in MPS Advising (MARRs). If an undeclared student has this hold placed and does not meet with an advisor, they will not be able to register for the proceeding quarter's classes until they do so.

These holds are not intended to punish undeclared students, but to ensure they meet with an advisor and are connected with resources to help them explore and eventually declare their major. By meeting with the students at some point during each year they are undeclared, we hope to support their efforts to schedule coursework so they are not behind once they decide to declare a major.

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