Andy Prettol

Andy Prettol

Position Title
International Academic Advisor

Undergraduate Education and Advising


Andy Prettol’s preferred pronouns are he/his/him. He was a nontraditional student who transferred to UC Davis to earn a bachelor's degree in Women's Studies with a minor in Social & Ethnic Relations. Ironically, Andy would have continued to earn degrees in Chicana and Chicano Studies, and Native American Studies, among others, if an advisor (like him) had not informed him that he was too close to the unit cap. So instead, Andy continued into the Cultural Studies graduate program for a Ph.D. before leaving his studies early to seek employment.

Andy has been serving the campus for over 10 years and has a wide variety of interests. Outside of spending time with family, Andy enjoys cooking, gardening, glassblowing, sustainability, construction, upholstery and origami, among many other things.