Career Preparation

A Word From Two Marine and Coastal Science Majors Cindy Quach May 16, 2018
2016 Grads Gain Career Preparation at the Ocean Pre-college Summer Class

Check out the Coastal and Marine Sciences Pre-college Program. Students spend the first week on the UC Davis campus learning about plants, animals, and processes. In the second, they travel to Bodega Marine Lab to explore one of the world's most biologically rich coastal and marine environments. This experience may help you choose your major.

Chuck Louderback: 'Super Lawyer' Gives Back

May 11, 2016
As a UC Davis student, Chuck Louderback never doubted his choice to pursue a liberal arts degree—even in the face of that frequently asked question: “What are you going to do with a history major?” His answer, over the long run, was—and still is—plenty!