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STEM Majors' Career Horizons Expand in Washington, D.C. Cindy Quach May 24, 2018
Students Discover Prestigious National Internships Offered Through UC Washington Center

Shanon Astley ’13 has advice for STEM majors about how to advance their careers.

3 Big Myths Busted for Pre-Health Students

What Really Matters When Applying to Professional Schools

When I arrived at UC Davis three years ago to start the Health Professions Advising office, what immediately struck me was not only the large number of students pursuing health careers — 5,000! — but also how much wrong information was being perpetuated about what matters to professional schools when judging student applications.

Why Worry About Colleges When Choosing a Major at UC Davis? Cindy Quach May 24, 2018
Get in the Know With This Explanation and Lower Your Stress We're Really a University

You see the words "college" and "university" a lot when you read about places in higher education. And it can be confusing.

The difference between a college and a university is a matter of size. UC Davis is, in fact, a large university — a university made up of four colleges that teach both undergraduates and graduates.

4 Things to Consider Before Changing Your Major

Be Successful by Assessing Your Goals, Adjusting Your Focus and Exploring Possibilities Explore These Majors

This blog features many majors to help you explore what you want to do. Here are a few to consider:

5 Reasons Why Undergraduates Should Do Research

On the List: You Can Explore Career Directions and Build Transferable Skills

Nearly 40 percent of UC Davis undergraduates participate in hands-on research. On the occasion of the 28th annual Undergraduate Research, Scholarship and Creative Activities Conference on April 28 and 29 — where more than 700 students presented their work — we introduce you to some students and graduates who shared what they’ve gained. Consider how the research experience can benefit you, too.

Starting as an Undeclared Major Can Be a Great Choice Cindy Quach May 22, 2018
There's Nothing Wrong With Taking Time to Explore Before Choosing a Major

“What’s your major?” That’s the question everyone seems to ask when they hear you are going to college. So, you may feel pressure to have a major nailed down by the time you arrive on campus.

My advice: Don’t!

A Word From Two Marine and Coastal Science Majors Cindy Quach May 16, 2018
2016 Grads Gain Career Preparation at the Ocean Pre-college Summer Class

Check out the Coastal and Marine Sciences Pre-college Program. Students spend the first week on the UC Davis campus learning about plants, animals, and processes. In the second, they travel to Bodega Marine Lab to explore one of the world's most biologically rich coastal and marine environments. This experience may help you choose your major.