College of Letters and Science Magazine

Mother-Daughter Aggies Advocate for Civic Engagement Becky Oskin November 21, 2017
Isabella Romero’s early induction into political life occurred right here in Davis; she and her mother lived in town while her mother completed her undergraduate degree in political science and sociology, and eventually her Ph.D. Today the two are both Aggies.
UC Davis Prepped President of Fortune 500 Company for Life of Leadership Donna Justice November 21, 2017
Leadership seems to come naturally to Jennifer Johnson, president of one of the largest global financial firms in the world, a rarity among the paltry four percent of Fortune 500 companies led by women.

Rising Star: The Center for Quantum Mathematics and Physics

November 13, 2017
With the Center for Quantum Mathematics and Physics (QMAP), the college is creating an extraordinary environment where mathematicians and physicists will work side-by-side to explore quantum field theory, string theory, and quantum gravity.
American Studies Alumnus Puts Love of Sport and Communications to Work in Dream Career (not verified) April 04, 2017
After graduating, Seth Bardacke turned a successful internship at the Sacramento Kings Game Operations department into a full-time position coordinating, producing, and directing all aspects of the in-arena entertainment, as well as off-site events.
Thought Leaders - Fall 2016 (not verified) December 02, 2016
In the College of Letters and Science magazine released in December 2016, we featured faculty and graduate students who provided expertise and insight into the big public issues of the day, from the parenting transgender kids, the political divide and immigration to climate change and poverty.

New Class Helps First-Year Students Succeed

May 18, 2016
The first year of college can be daunting for students, whether they are freshmen or transfers. To help with the adjustment to college life, UC Davis launched a new class for first-year students in fall 2015.