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Double Majors: Do What You Love

For anyone struggling with the decision to double major, UC Davis undergraduate Harris Niazi has some sage advice. “Don’t ever ask yourself what if,” he said. “Just go for it. Even if it doesn’t pan out, you’re at least stuck with one major that you love.”

Yes, You Can Double Major and Graduate in Four Years

Amanda Nguyen entered UC Davis as a history major, eager to explore her passion for human rights. She said she was drawn to the idea of interdisciplinary research. “As a history major, I’m not just memorizing facts. When I make an argument about the past, I have to take into account art, socioeconomics, literature, philosophy, politics and more.”

Double Majors: Designed for a Career in Environmental Justice

NyNy (Phuong) Vu was born in Vietnam and came to California with her family when she was six years old. Growing up in an immigrant neighborhood in Sacramento, NyNy saw first-hand the impact of environmental problems on underprivileged communities. “My goal in high school was to grow up to help the immigrant community,” she said.

Taking the Quick Route to a Double Major

When it came to choosing a major, the possibilities were wide open for Avery Hom. Avery grew up near Seattle and entered UC Davis as a freshman with junior-level status thanks to Washington’s Running Start program. Instead of finishing out his junior and senior years in high school, Avery attended community college through the program while also earning credit towards his high school graduation.