Studying Communication in the 21st Century Kathleen Holder November 06, 2017
Focused on new technology, communication at UC Davis is not your parents' major. And if you graduated before 2013, it’s not exactly your major either.

Crowdsourced Game Aims to Find Solutions to Aflatoxin

October 16, 2017
Mars, Inc., UC Davis and partners have launched a crowdsourcing initiative to solve the problem of aflatoxin contamination of crops. Successful candidates from the computer game will be tested in the laboratory of Justin Siegel, assistant professor of chemistry, biochemistry and molecular medicine at UC Davis.
American Studies Grad Leads NFL Health and Safety Jeffrey Day December 02, 2016
For some, nothing is more American than football. So it seems appropriate that Jacob Frank, who earned a degree in American Studies in 2011, works for the National Football League.
Book on Start of U.S. Food Safety Programs Wins Award for Outstanding Social History Kathleen Holder December 01, 2016
Government efforts to combat livestock disease in the late 19th-century U.S. proved to be a winner for human health around the world, according to a book co-authored by Alan Olmstead, distinguished research professor of economics at UC Davis.
Oxytocin and Anxiety Kathleen Holder December 05, 2015
New research by UC Davis behavioral neuroscientists suggests oxytocin may have different effects in men and women—and in certain circumstances the hormone may actually trigger anxiety.
UC Davis Offers WIC Expertise as Congress Considers Funding (not verified) September 30, 2015
As Congress prepares to consider reauthorization of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, UC Davis Professor Marianne Page offers expertise on the act, which funds a number of nutrition programs, including school meals for low-income students and the supplemental nutrition assistance program for women, infants and children, or WIC.