10 Top Graduate Programs at UC Davis Cindy Quach May 24, 2018
Nationally Ranked Graduate and Professional Schools Prepare for High-Potential Careers

Did you know that UC Davis is home to over 7,000 graduate and professional students across 99 different master’s and doctoral degree programs?

4 Classes in the Humanities for Life Sciences Majors Cindy Quach May 24, 2018
Greek, Latin, Reasoning and Ethics Reinforce Careers in Research and Medicine

Have you ever played word games with a professional in a life sciences field? If so, you know the sheer frustration of losing to words such as “fasciculation or “crepitus.”

Religious Studies Majors Study What Moves People and Nations

Human Rights, Philosophy, Ethics and Analysis Integrated into Program

When choosing a college major, the question of “purpose” inevitably arises for students. Four years can fly by, with parents’ tolerance for big bills souring along the way. But consider the ways in which an emphasis in religious studies led sophomore Dinar Kurji to surprising discoveries about himself: