Religious Studies Majors Study What Moves People and Nations

Human Rights, Philosophy, Ethics and Analysis Integrated into Program

When choosing a college major, the question of “purpose” inevitably arises for students. Four years can fly by, with parents’ tolerance for big bills souring along the way. But consider the ways in which an emphasis in religious studies led sophomore Dinar Kurji to surprising discoveries about himself:

Pondering Perception: A Q&A With Zoe Drayson

Assistant Professor of Philosophy Zoe Drayson adopts an interdisciplinary, naturalist approach at the intersection of philosophy and the mind sciences. Maya Weeks, a writer, artist and geography graduate student at UC Davis, interviews her.   You’re a philosopher. What does that mean for your work?

My work focuses on the intersection of philosophy and the mind sciences. In particular, I am interested in the extent to which findings in psychology and neuroscience inform or influence our philosophical theories of the mind. 

Risk and Rescue: Tina Rulli

May 31, 2016
If a hiker were lost in the backcountry and you were able to rescue them, would you feel morally obligated to do so? Would the hiker be similarly obliged to take adequate precautions against getting lost? In recently published research, Assistant Professor of Philosophy Tina Rulli grapples with the ethics of risk and rescue, and their implications for public policy.

2014 - Megan Kennedy

November 05, 2015

Megan Kennedy (BA, philosophy and political science, ’14) was featured in a Davis Enterprise article, "Female veteran offers support, inspiration to others at UC Davis." She is a UC Davis undergraduate admissions adviser and a student veteran advocate.

1972 - James Barrall

October 15, 2015
James Barrall (B.A., philosophy, ’72) has been selected to receive the Cal Aggie Alumni Association's Distinguished Achievement Award. He was honored at the 43rd CAAA Awards Gala on Friday, Feb. 5, 2016, at the Presidio Golden Gate Club, along with seven other award winners. Barrall is one of the country's leading tax attorneys, with more than 30 years of experience specializing in employee benefits and executive compensation. In 2012 he created the Barrall Family Philosophy Scholarship, which was the UC Davis philosophy department’s first endowed fund. He is active on UCLA Law School’s board of advisers and works with the Inner City Law Center, a nonprofit that provides legal services to the underserved.