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A Scholar's Quest for Human Truths in Fantasy Worlds (not verified) September 13, 2017

April 7, 2016 — Games that people play in the virtual world give Cuihua “Cindy” Shen a unique—and very big—window into human behavior.

Shen, an assistant professor of communication, sifts through terabytes of data from “massively multiplayer online games” like EverQuest II to study a wide range of social interactions, including networking, team performance, trust-building and economic transactions, and their real-world effects on people’s lives.

Mellon scholar brings insight into initiative

October 14, 2015
A new research initiative, Reimagining Indian Ocean Worlds, examines the diverse places – from Tanzania to Indonesia - the ocean touches and how they are all connected by it. The initiative holds its first symposium Friday, Oct. 16.