UC Davis College of Letters and Science

Biotech Tattoo Project Takes SXSW Award

March 14, 2018
Katia Vega, assistant professor in the UC Davis College of Letters and Science’s Department of Design, is part a team that has won the SXSW Interactive Innovation Award in SciFi No Longer. Their project, The Dermal Abyss: When Tattoos meet Biotechnology, took top prize over two Google projects and others.

Scholars Talk Tea at Expanded Symposium

March 07, 2018

For its third year, the UC Davis Global Tea Initiative Symposium was expanded to two days with tea scholars and researchers, purveyors and growers gathering to talk tea.

“The Future of Tea: Issues in Sustainability and Preservation,” held Feb. 22 and 23, included presentations on growing tea in California, tea farm management, health benefits of tea, tea farming as a way to empower women in India, the decline of Japanese tea culture, and Vietnamese tea history.

Minor Helps Students Tackle Human Rights Issues

March 03, 2018

When Liz McAllister transferred to UC Davis in 2016, she didn’t expect that she would be able to study human rights, much less go to Lebanon to work with Syrian refugees.

McAllister’s work in Lebanon is just one way she takes on human rights issues. A fourth-year design major and human rights minor, McAllister says she encounters human rights issues every day in every corner of her life.

“I was really excited to see that [UC Davis] has a human rights minor,” said McAllister. “I thought, ‘I am going to sign up for that right away.’”

Michael Poland: Life at the Living Edge

March 02, 2018
As a volcanologist with the U.S. Geological Survey and now scientist-in-charge of the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory, Mike Poland (B.S. '97, Geology) is on the front line during hazardous volcanic events. Poland credits his "amazing professors" at UC Davis for teaching him how to communicate science clearly and vividly - an essential part of a career with the USGS.

Emerging Writer

February 28, 2018
Creative Writing Student Wins PEN Award

UC Davis Creative Writing graduate student Cristina Fries is one of the 12 winners of the PEN/Robert J. Dau Short Story Prize for Emerging Writers. It is given by PEN American, an organization that offers a wide range of support to writers.

Her winning story "New Years in La Calera" is set in Colombia, South America, and follows a girl and her family encountering the rebel group FARC.

A New Explanation For the Moon's Origins

February 28, 2018
A new explanation for the moon’s origin has it forming inside the Earth when our planet was a seething, spinning cloud of vaporized rock, called a synestia.

Six Helpful Hints for Choosing a Minor

Are you uncertain about choosing a minor? Luckily, advisors and math and science majors in the UC Davis College of Letters and Science are here to help with that decision. Here is their best advice.

Dean Elizabeth Spiller

A professor of English, Dean Elizabeth Spiller came to UC Davis from the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences at Virginia Tech; prior to this, she served as associate dean in the College of Arts and Sciences at Florida State.