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Welcome to the College of Letters and Science

At the UC Davis College of Letters and Science, we search for solutions through our broad interdisciplinary lens of the arts, sciences and humanities. We stand together in wonder and inspiration as we identify questions, foster scholarship and creatively look to improve our world – with critical thinking, intellectual generosity and great people.
As the college with the broadest offering of disciplines, teaching the core curriculum for virtually all 23,000 undergraduate students and mentoring more than a thousand graduate students, the College of Letters and Science lives and breathes its interdisciplinary mission each day. We thrive at the intersection of fundamental scholarship, exploring and connecting fields as diverse as the arts & stars, math & music, chemistry & cinema, economics & English – and providing the foundation for a truly one-of-a-kind liberal arts education.

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Professor Sarah Stewart

Big Guns on Campus

Although the UC Davis rifle range was shuttered years ago, big guns will soon be back on campus. Workers are building a new laboratory to house giant, gaspowered cannons that launch projectiles faster than the speed of sound. Sarah Stewart, professor of earth and planetary sciences, will direct the Shock Compression Laboratory, scheduled for completion in 2016. Stewart studies the violent collisions that created our solar system. 


HArCS Faculty Take Honors

HArCS Faculty Take Honors

Heghnar Watenpaugh, an associate professor of art history, received the Omer Lutfi Barkan Article Prize from the Ottoman and Turkish Studies Association in November.

The award was given for her article “Preserving the Medieval City of Ani: Cultural Heritage Between Contest and Reconciliation” published in the Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians in December 2014.

Data Studies: New Courses Open to Undergraduates

Hot New Job Skill for Students

The College of Letters & Science is proud to offer Introductory Data Exploration this spring. The Data Studies program offers UC Davis undergraduate students a unique opportunity to take their major and apply it to the world of data, learning how to question, analyze and present data research that will enable them to get jobs. "Introductory Data Exploration with R" is the gateway course for the program. Learn more about how to sign up.

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