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Research that Spans Disciplines

The College of Letters and Science is a major center of knowledge creation across many disciplines.

Research in the UC Davis College of Letters & Science provides critical knowledge that drives innovation and discovery across the spectrum of human endeavor: from anthropology to art history, chemistry to communications, earth and planetary sciences to economics, psychology to theater arts — asking fundamental questions and seeking answers through a broad interdisciplinary lens of the arts, sciences and humanities.

Our excellence in research extends to our teaching, always with a focus on curiosity, collaboration and making new disciplinary possibilities a reality.

Latest Research News

Anthropology Grad Student to Represent UC Davis in Competition

Mayowa Adegboyega

Anthropology graduate student Mayowa Adegboyega will represent UC Davis, along with eight other Aggies, in the annual UC Grad Slam on April 5. Read more about Adegboyega and the Grad Slam

News: Dark Matter Experiment Sets Stage for New Discoveries

Dark Matter Experiment

The DarkSide-50 experiment at the Gran Sasso National Laboratory in Italy has completed its experimental run. Four UC Davis physicists – Associate Professor Emilija Pantic, postdoctoral researchers Tessa Johnson and Luca Pagani, and graduate student Ben Schlitzer – are members of the DarkSide-50 research collaboration. Read about the experiment and anticipated next steps.